When I discussed eharmony.com with parents!

So yesterday, as usual my father and I were discussing technology for social works over dinner. He talks about compatibility... like alot... nowdays. Every time he shares his view on letting children find their own match within the frame given by parents, I am like 'Where were you when I was in my 20s?' Anyways, [...]

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Religious Threads The daily ablutions, repeating the names of the gods, the daily worship of idols, and visiting holy places. My art is an interpretation of materials and actions performed as daily rituals in context of their religious definition and general character. Every material object used as symbolism in the same manner is [...]

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Spiritual Transformation I

Summer 2010 Being in USA was 3 years of educating self to be independent, follow rules and walk fast. One morning with my hands closed, I was standing in front of a painting which had texture of a piece of wood or broken door. My professor who was outside my studio, saw [...]

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Art you own as decoration or Investment?

Thinking about buying art? for investment? Or just for decoration? Well, if you're spending more than a few thousand rupees and you're absolutely positively, 100% sure then go for Investment. I have been in the art business for over 6 years; I know art, a lot about how the money flows, and a lot about [...]

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Artists, Lets Talk and Educate!

#01- ‘Pay to Play’ With growing economy of India, why are artists being left behind? No one else but artist itself is the reason. During BFA or MFA education in India, majority colleges do not educated on ‘Art Business’. I am not sure whom to blame, the university, the course development committee or faculty members. [...]

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