So yesterday, as usual my father and I were discussing technology for social works over dinner. He talks about compatibility… like alot… nowdays. Every time he shares his view on letting children find their own match within the frame given by parents, I am like ‘Where were you when I was in my 20s?’

Anyways, so I introduced to them. The set of questions that this app asks before getting the profile live is interesting. The algorithm behind it seems very strong. So my father created his profile and started answering these questions to see the concept. Listening to the conversation between me and papa, mum also wanted to try it!!! REALLY

With technology, they are experiencing new things. Things which were missing during their youth and they are fast learners. We had a great time answering the questions and how my mom was judging each answer given by papa. All I saw was them falling in love with each other with every question and answer and again and again!