On the night of March 24, 2018, a new friendship at Sharjah Airport….

It was time to say good-bye. Not sure when are we meeting again. But as the boarding call was announced, my heart said “5 more minutes please”.   I was living my nineteens again and ridiculously!  As the last announcement was made, a string sooo strong pulled me. Pulled me to eye up and say we will make effort to go out and laugh again.  With a quick hug, happily I let go happiness.

It took me three days to analyse, what actually happened.  Did I experience a deep friendship with no advantages, give or take after years?  Those few hours, when my mobile was switched off, I had no worries about business, family or other responsibilities, I was myself. For me this friendship was not a need, but it happened.  Those few moments that I shared, not necessarily just in terms of emotion – I was really not emotional about anyone in that sense – but somehow knowingly or unknowingly, moments of sharing were moments of uniting and becoming one in some way.  I did not see friendship as an advantageous or useful thing, something that will help me live better or whatever else.

I share something very deep with them in those few moments of being together and I believe they do share that with me too.  Our life just overlapped.