Religious Threads

The daily ablutions, repeating the names of the gods, the daily worship of idols, and visiting holy places. My art is an interpretation of materials and actions performed as daily rituals in context of their religious definition and general character. Every material object used as symbolism in the same manner is changing constantly. Yet the basic attribute (Guna), essential character, remains forever.

My process begins a daily ritual and repeating same in the studio using oil paints, threads, Kalasha (pitcher) and various tools. It results in building texture and layers of thin and thick paint. These layers narrate the existence of the religious believes; similar to the context of the mantras that unites me with my painting process. The mantras are the religious sounds, hymns or words that are considered capable of “creating transformation.” I experience a similar transformation within myself by expressing strength and calmness on the painting surface. My art is a meditation of my beliefs, an exploration of the experiences and meaning of life.