Thinking about buying art? for investment? Or just for decoration? Well, if you’re spending more than a few thousand rupees and you’re absolutely positively, 100% sure then go for Investment. I have been in the art business for over 6 years; I know art, a lot about how the money flows, and a lot about how art and money mix. Art is my job, and I do my job well. For you, this means, my advice to invest in art will earn you money in future.

Why to buy art? You may be thinking to buy an artwork for your home, office or any space. Any eye catching artwork needs 10,000 + rupees. Then why not invest that money in an artist with great skills, experience and a strong portfolio. A good investment for sure fetches money after some years. In the western world it has been proved that art is a great investment similar to land, gold, shares etc.

What kind of art to buy? Choice of being an abstract, semi-abstract, realistic work or contemporary depends of a personal level. But Yes here artist and curator plays a very important role. After choosing the category the next things is to sort-out artist who are in their mid-career and active in Art World. This can be best judged with help of experienced art curator.

Where to Buy Art from? Buying art from art shows or exhibition is a good option. Here the organizer/ Art gallery or curator acts like a broker, offering you the best artist with quality work. They also do all other homework for you. Curators or an organizer always picks the perfect apples. Sooner or later these curators or organizations turn out to be reputed dealers or auction houses. That means re-selling your art becomes much easier.